8th Grade IP


April 21, 22 and following...

In Tech and IP you will be creating short films (3-3.5 minutes) about your heritage trip.  They will be set to a song recorded by Darren. The film will include pictures, film clips and narration you record.

In class you'll be working on organizing the film with a visual story board.  Mrs Schulz will help walk you through the editing software.  You'll have about three weeks in class to finish these.

February 19,22 and 23,24

We'll take these 2 class periods to create your covers for the Heritage report.  Remember to bring in:
Pictures of your person, papers, stickers, ribbons, or other elements you want to design your project with. 

Be creative! Don't make it look like everyone else's.  Make it a unique creation that reflects the character and life of your person.  Were they a writer?  Make it look like an old fashioned book.  A solider? Use patriotic colors and images.  An important politician? Show images that effect their major accomplishments. DON"T just glue down some paper and a picture of your person.  Show me your ability to DESIGN!

February 12 and 16, 2010
1. Work Day today...time to complete Rough Drafts and complete a preliminary proofread.  Use my CHECKLIST below:

Paper uses commas correctly

Proper words are capitalized

Each sentence has end punctuation


Paper is free from typos

You have done more than spell check; use the correct spelling and correct word


Sentence Structure is varied (short, long, start with different words)

Avoid PASSIVE voice

Contains no incomplete sentences

Sentences use strong verbs rather than “is”

Sentences are clear and understandable


Paper has logical flow; has introduction and conclusion

Paper does not repeat itself

Paper does not go off on a tangent of give unneeded information


Paper addresses the prompt

Paper shows insight and an original, interesting idea.

Student’s ideas are clear and are well-supported by specific evidence

 From Last Time...
1. I'll give you 10 minutes to complete, print out, and turn in your outlines from last time. Remember I want:
 two additional versions of your outline.  They will contain the same information but it should arranged in a new way.
  Make sure you have roman numerals and at least a few details under each one.**You may find that the third outline you write is a much more effective structure than the first, or that the first structure is more effective.  Wrtting three outlines helps you identify the BEST structure for your paper--the one that conveys your information most powerfully--rather than simply the first order you can think of.

2. On the Blog site, tell me which version was the most effective (the first one you wrote, the second, or the third)?  How did writing mulitiple versions of your outline effect your understanding of the purpose and structure of your paper?

Upcoming Assignments...

Week of April 27th: I'll be checking your STORYBOARDS to see your progress.